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I bought the App from or it's all same They $200 for installation almost 4 months and nothing yet. I told them if you can not deliver what you promised then I need my money back. After that no one answered me. The worst service ever

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The service was deplorable. The application did not work. I paid for their professional service after purchasing and trying to install myself. To my surprise the reason i couldn't install it was that they don't give you all the files when you purchase their script forcing you to pay for their prof install. It was anything but professional it was a complete mess and took up to two months just to install. It has never worked and the support was... Read more

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Do not give any money to Mowares - Just got ripped off. So angry with them. Just spoke to another uber x provider - - so far they seem much better - the sales rep skyped me straight away and apologised for Mowares giving his industry a bad name. Hopefully their script will be better. Lost $2200 because of this scam. Will be making a complaint to PayPal to try and get my money back. The developed said their script is missing files... Read more

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With its app, uber started dominating the taxi service business and I witnessed my fellow competitors registering with Uber. But wanting to remain an independent entrepreneur, I had no other option but to change to another business or shut down. That is when I figured that customers preferred Uber because the app helped them get a ride easily and if my business has an app, they would prefer mine too. I immediately started researching for... Read more

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I paid 35 days a go and received source codes but they were of their version 1 - I had to send several tickets to get new files. (Admin Panel's installation files, IOS project & some android lib files were missing) The installation instructions are incomplete and we had spent 20+ hours to install back-end & 120+ hours fixing the bugs in Android & IOS versions. Now we're working on UI change and adding some functionalities. A... Read more

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I recently purchased tower for $99. They promised bla bla bla and answer all of your questions before the payment but once they received the payment they will not answer your question and try to stay away from you. The app has a lot of errors and they never give any explanation on why and how to fix it, no documentations or tutorials, and they remove my download link after a month without warning or any notification. Definitely, it's not worth... Read more

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I paid Mowares for their Uber for X software app. It was $99 lol. I also paid for the script install service of $199. They requested that I open an AWS account amongst others. It was cheap and I thought it would be worth the try. Well......... First off they loaded it into not AWS. I tried to upload the apk file to android and it was full of errors. I contacted them and they ran me around. They could not fix it. They had no... Read more

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Long story short, this isn't a real product. Super buggy, slow, and full of UI issues. Support is bad. Check out their iPhone demo apps (they don't really work). Classic case of a fake-ware product.. Basically, if you want it, they'll charge you for development service to try and make it better. You'll spend a lot, and the end result will not be good.... and here I was excited :-( Hopefully they'll get better someday, but I doubt it. Good luck... Read more

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Running a successful grocery business has never been easy and with my success story making rounds, a lot of competitors have opened up in the neighborhood in the past few months. I realized that chances of me losing most of my customers were pretty bright unless I made any changes in my business model. Giving discounts and handing out raffle tickets couldn’t meet the tough competition. With the app fever around, I stumbled on the idea of having... Read more

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I recently purchased this on demand Uber for Laundry service app and asked for customizations. I thought it would be an ideal way to begin my own venture. I had already contacted a few vendors and they were excited about it too. All I had to do was to get the app running and make sure that my target market downloaded it. My customized app was delivered to me in no time, complete with all the options that I had asked for. This was simply mind... Read more

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